How to line up your beard (Full Tutorial) Beard Shaping

Teaching you simple tricks on lining up that prefect beard. Watch to see how you can easily line up your beard.

Fasten Your Seatbelts – It’s Time to Demolish Hair Transplant Myths

As opposed to popular belief, hair transplants are not as evident anymore as they were previously. Long gone are the times of visible hair plugs and ugly surgical scars. With latest innovation and development in every field, it is now being performed with absolutely minimal invasive techniques, which give for amazingly natural looking results.

Using Traditional Natural Hair Loss Remedies

In just about every corner of the world, you’ll find numerous folk remedies for hair loss. Many are well-known, some are not. In general, these remedies are cheaper and have a lot less side effect. So if you’ve been looking for a safe and effective natural remedy for hair loss, we’ll share a few of them in this article.

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