How and Why to Use Beard Balm “Be Beardtractive”

How to apply Beard balm and why to apply beard balm! 
Keep in mind our products are AWESOME and may cause unwanted attention

We show you how to use beard balm to help moisturize, protect, condition and style your beard. We are passionate about beards and “Strive for Beardfection”!

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Things to Avoid If You’re Experiencing Hair Loss

There are many mistakes we make when it comes to hair loss management. There are certain products and certain techniques we utilize to hide our thinning hair and bald patches. These products and techniques, instead of minimizing the problem, make hair health even worse.

How To Deal With Issues That Can Occur After A Hair Transplant

Generally, there a few problems or issues occur after a hair transplant surgery. Just like any other surgery, hair restoration also has a few side effects that occur after the treatment, but these can be controlled with proper medical help.

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