Handlebar Mustache Trimming And Style Advice From A Pro

Trimming and styling a handlebar mustache can be tricky, and often times beardsmen choose not to try it out simply because they aren’t sure how to go about trimming and styling it. In this video, Spencer shows you his simple process he’s used for years to really define a handlebar mustache and have it really separate from the beard!

There are really 3 main areas you need to trim:

The upper lip: trimming your handlebar mustache at the upper lip can not only create better shape, but will also allow easier access for food/drinks to enter your mouth. Kissing is also a bit easier/better according to some…

The Ends: You want the ends to be even, or as close to even as you can. Don’t drive your self crazy though. Simply take your scissors and trim the ends evenly.

Separate from your beard: To really set your handlebar mustache off, you want to separate it from your beard. By trimming the hairs under your handlebar mustache, it will really make it stand out against your beard. This can make all the difference!

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