Great Tips For Trimming A Beard The First Time

Great Tips For Trimming A Beard The First Time

Beard cutting is difficult, very difficult. As well as locating a quality beard barber is even harder!! The first time you trim your beard, it’s best to learn as much as possible to avoid mistakes. I despise to break it to you, but mistakes may be inevitable in your first couple of attempts to cut and shape your beard. These tips for trimming a beard will be very helpful before your first time.

trimming your beard

When Is The Best Time For Trimming Your Beard?

You probably are wondering when you should cut if you’re growing your beard for the very first time. A good guideline is to let your beard grow AT LEAST a month prior to you touch it. At this moment you’ll have just sufficient hair on your face to where individuals will certainly notice your makeover and also wonder if you’re growing a beard, or simply being lazy.
Currently at this phase of your beard growth journey you’re not taking any hair off, yet rather cutting in lines to specify your beard form. As long as you’re not going for an all natural look, a month or so in is normally an excellent time to trim your beard.

When you go to actually trim and define your beard, there are three main lines you need to cut or cut in. You’ll wish to use an electrical beard trimmer for these, and also bear in mind to take your time! Cutting these lines in just a quarter inch from where they must be will make a HUGE distinction in the method your beard looks, so make sure to pay great attention.

Cheek Line

When it comes to trimming your cheek line, keep it as high as naturally possible. You really just desire to cut away any kind of rogue hairs that expand greater than the bulk of your beard.

Back Line

When it comes to cutting in your back line, this can differ somewhat based on the beard style you are going for. In general, this line will certainly run off the back of the sideburn right down to the base of your beard.

Neck Line

It’s trimming the neck line too high if there is one beard trimming error almost every man makes early on. You do NOT want to trim your beard in on your jawline. This short and also tight appearance has been prominent recently, however it truly just makes your beard appearance diminished down on your face.

If your beard is short, tool or long, you want to trim your beard where your head links to your neck. This is normally ideal above the Adams apple. The extra hairs on your neck will certainly be the structure of your beard, and also as they grow out it’s these hairs that will really give you a great complete beard!

3 Month Beard Trimming Tips

Your beard hairs expand in different instructions as well as at various prices, so after regarding 3 months, you might observe some hairs that have grown much longer than others. To maintain your beard looking good, you’ll intend to trim these to keep your beard formed perfectly.

Prior to you do any beard trimming, I always recommend styling your beard with any beard items that you make use of on a daily basis, and also ensure your beard is combed or cleaned out as you would certainly any type of provided day.


Should You Use Scissors Or Trimmers?

trimming a beard

Trimmers will cut off a whole lot of hairs promptly, so my only guidance here is to be cautious when you first begin. Take small amounts off and also do multiple passes to obtain the last look.

The benefit to scissors is that they are far more accurate. You can trim a single hair off each time if you desire, so starting with these at first may save you from a mistake. At the end of the day, it actually comes down to what YOU are most comfy with!

Treat Trimming Your Beard Like A Hedge

Work your method from the outside as well as cut down the flyaways to tighten up the shape of your beard. The factor you desire to trim this method is since your beard hairs grow in various directions and also the hairs aren’t usually straight.

Exactly how Often Should You Trim?

When you have actually lined up your beard and also created the shape you want, it’s truly just about keeping. Depending upon the size of your beard style, the trimming regularity will differ. For example, if you have a short/tight beard, 2 weeks of growth is a big distinction. Where just as if you have a tool or longer beard, you can go a bit much longer without seeing a big distinction. Utilize your judgement/preference below and also cut when you notice the flyaway hairs getting a little wild. My normal suggestion has to do with when a month.

Beard cutting can seem hard initially, however trust me it will get much easier. These tips for trimming your beard is a great way to start learning how to properly care for your mane. What trimming tips do you personally recommend?

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