Why You Need A Beard Pick

Do you know the benefits of using a beard pick?

Using a beard pick can greatly help make your beard look better, feel better and even can help it become cleaner. I am going to give you the benefits using them and why you need a pick for your beard.

Picks are great for coarse and curly beard hair.

Beard picks can be utilized when your wash has fully dried. Don’t even think about putting that pick near your beard any time before then– you will trigger significant frizz. Unless, this is the look you are going for. If you have curly hair, picks are great to help detangle the beard. If you have coarse hair, picks are great to help spread moisturizer throughout the bear.


There are tons of beard picks to choose from.

Speaking of that handcrafted comb, there are numerous designs of picks – including your alternatives of plastic or metal. Lots of stores offer a variety of colors, however what it’s made from will matter. Those with looser, finer curl patterns might want to opt for the plastic pick as they are gentler. If you have a kinkier texture – metal picks will work just as well. Wooden picks seems to work best for all beard types. You can read about our favorite beard pick below.

3 Reasons you should use wooden beard picks.

Wooden picks are gentle on hair.

Wooden combs are carbon based, similar to your scalp, skin and hair. Given that both hair and wood have an unfavorable electrical charge, a wooden pick helps your beard lay down and provides it a smooth and glossy appearance. And because wood is a natural material, it’s not most likely to promote allergic reactions or skin conditions that utilizing plastic and metal picks can intensify.

See Our Recommended Wooden Pick

Wooden picks naturally nourishes hair.

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A wooden pick more easily disperses natural oils from the scalp throughout the entire hair strand due to the fact that the oils are not sticking instead to the metal or plastic of a regular pick. It leaves your beard less oily looking and healthier with the shine and bounce of well moisturized hair.

Boosts blood circulation.

Being carbon based, a wooden comb massages the skin in a complementary method without scraping the skin or bruising. The beard likes the feel of the wood (it has a soft feel) which increases blood circulation and healthy oil production. Even delicate beards enjoy wood, and the gentle massage soothes nerves, quiets the mind and just plain feels great!

Check out our favorite beard pick.

This remarkable Peach Wood Beard Pick is an innovative tool to keep your beard hairs healthy. Some advantages include:

Keep Beard Well Groomed. You can utilize it by running it through your beard hairs to keep your beard well-groomed & clean.

Keep Beard Hairs Straight & Fresh. You can likewise utilize it to align your beard and enhance hair quality.

Disperse Beard Oils & Butters. You can use the peach wood pick after using beard oil or beard butters by making sure you equally disperse your beard grooming products.

Portable Size. The choice is not to long which makes it the best companion to take with you on journeys or just about anywhere you go!

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Debonair Beard CO. Wooden Pick

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