Top Beard Butter: Every Man Jack

I recommend EVERY MAN JACK’s Beard Butter

Beard butter helps rejuvenate and style an unruly, dry beard. Cocoa butter helps relieve itch and deeply hydrates. Wheat protein helps curb runaway hairs. A light sandalwood fragrance with just a hint of vanilla refreshes.

Essential Oils and Hair Growth

Describes how essential oils may enhance hair growth and prevent/reverse hair loss. Discusses the benefits of various oils. Includes a make-at-home recipe to potentially combat hair loss.

Keeping It Simple With Remarkable Natural Waterless Shampoos

Natural waterless shampoo is revolutionizing the way we cleanse and care for our hair. Greasy oils naturally accumulating in the hair can make it look dirty or messy. Usually only a good rinse and shampoo with copious amounts of water will remove the excess oil. Often it’s not a convenient process, especially for the elderly, patients in hospitals or active people in the outdoors with limited water supply.

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