Sup, Boss? – Bossman Beard Jelly

Sup, Boss? Welcome to Bossman Beard HQ, where bearded business gets handled. The only thing soft about this team is growing out of their faces. These captains of beardustry have one thing in common, they use Bossman Beard Jelly to keep their face foliage on point… Except for Stan. Stan doesn’t use Bossman Beard Jelly and it shows.

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An Overview of a Hair Transplant & The Male Pattern Baldness

Hair transplantation is simply transplanting hair-bearing skin from the sides of the scalp to bald or balding areas on top. These grafts with their hair survive, grow, and maintain the same characteristics as they did in their old location.

3 Shocking Causes of Hair Loss You Might Not Have Heard Before

Numerous hair loss conditions originate from hereditary problems, especially in instances of male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia. However, lifestyle and environment can result in diminishing and shedding on the scalp and even on the body. Large portions of these male pattern baldness cases are totally preventable, however finding out the cause which may be influencing male pattern baldness is vital to overcome and turn around the problem.

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