My beard grooming MUST HAVES

Whether I’m on the go or travelling, these are the things I always have. I also get into the why of each and some misconceptions about the products. Holler with questions! Let’s get those chin rugs right!

Non-Surgical Hair Transplant Alternative That Can Stop Further Hair Loss

Hair transplants are basically stressful surgical procedures that require a lot of resources as well as emotional investment. A non-surgical hair transplant literally means an alternative to a surgical hair transplant which can provide cosmetic embellishment until the time is right for a proper transplant.

Hair Replacement Solutions to Ease Anxiety

Hair loss doesn’t have to mean the death of your social life, or sacrificing your self-esteem. There are various nonsurgical hair replacement options to combat thinning or complete balding, such as Revivogen, hair grafts, or laser therapy.

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