How to make amazing beard oil, a detailed guide – By Blazing Beards.

Make Your Own Beard Oil


Making beard oil using 5 nutrient rich carrier oils and 4 amazing essential oils. Follow this video and your beard will look, feel, and smell fantastic. Here is the recipe:8 ml – sweet almond oil, 8 ml – golden jojoba oil, 5 ml – avocado oil, 5 ml – argan oil, 3 ml – Jamaican black castor seed oil, 18-30 drops of essential oils depending on strength and fragrance preferences.

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Important Things to Know Before Going for a FUE Hair Transplant

While facing the problem of male pattern baldness, you will come across lots of potential hair restoration choices. However, it is recommended that individuals should make inquiries and do in-depth research as possible. Numerous answers can be achieved by visiting the hair transplant surgeon. Here are some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), which are related to FUE (follicular unit extraction). Have a look.

Top Tips For Hair Care

Have a look at these top 7 tips for hair care in monsoon season. Keep Your Hair Dry – Although you may have the desire to get your hair wet in the rain, keep in mind that rain water is grimy and acidic, which is truly terrible for the hair. In this way, try your best to keep hair dry unless you’re stuck in a heavy downpour.

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