Beard grooming tips. How to take care of your beard from a Personal Trainer (PT Jay)

I get stopped by a lot of guys who ask me about my beard. They ask about tips, products, beard care, my daily routine and other diverse questions concerning facial hair.

So this is completely different from training, but for us men this is an important part of taking care of yourself.

This is not a paid advert. I genuinely prefer the products from over any other products I’ve used un the past. I love the quality of the products, the scents, and even their marketing campaigns. So yes, I am a fan of these products, but I only showed you what I use. I have only used their products since Covid-19 started, and they are extremely quick in getting your order to you.

In these times, a beard is one of the last symbols of masculinity allowed in todays society. I believe most men as they grow older look better with some form of facial hair, as well as it being very soft and comfortable, despite it looking like it might be rough or even hard. Just the opposite. It’s warm in the winter, and can be baby soft to the touch if you follow a regular beard care routine. So take care of your beard.

Something completely different this time from me.
Hope it helps someone learn how to take care of their beard.

Keep Fighting
PT Jay

Increase Density of Hair Naturally – How to Get Thicker Hair

Scalp massaging and hair steaming is the craze now. Here are some tips on how to massage your scalp and steam your hair to stimulate hair growth and increase its’ density – naturally. Plus my favorite hair steamer.

The Clear Distinction in Hair Plugs and Hair Transplant Surgery – A Natural Preference

Hair plugs practically describes a surgical procedure which seeks to moving healthy hair follicles from much thicker region of the scalp, which is the donor site, to the area suffering the hair loss, called the recipient area. Most importantly, a multiple hair plug surgical session may possibly be required but that will be dependent on the degree of the hair loss, the thickness as well as colour of the hair. The truth is that hair plugs are basically a thing of the past as most of today’s clinical sessions are done with follicular units inserted with needle holes.

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