Beard Grooming – Beard Meets Beers Daily Routine Ft. Fine Fettle Oil & Can You Handlebar Dry Oil

Evening all!

Hedgey here from Beard Meets Beers.

Hope you are all doing well & staying safe out there?

Firstly, can I please share this video. As I am wanting to spread the good word when it comes to beard care & beard grooming regime.

From the title of the video this is my daily beard grooming regime. Purely for information purposes, what I go through & definitely not me telling you how to suck eggs… or whatever that saying is haha

I purely wore a white T-shirt, so you could how messy it looks before I give it a good once over. As I said, I ain’t an Instagram model & I take me some time haha

As you can see… I own too many brushes/combs! But each one has their purpose.

The oil in the video is Fine Fettle – Bah Humbug beard oil & is Can you Handlebar – Joy dry oil (Beard balm)

Seriously it takes me this long each day to grooming my beard (Minus all the talking to myself haha)

I hope you found this video informative & maybe picked up some useful tips, that you may won’t to add into your own daily beard grooming regime.

If there is anything you think I might have missed or that you do differently, please add a comment so we can have a chat about it.

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